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Integrating the California Ecosystems Protection Act in 2021.

"ContraPest can assist in revised IPM programs"

The California Ecosystems Protection Act of 2020, officially went into law on January 1, 2021. The act in theory prohibits the use of the four major Second Generation Anticoagulant Rodenticides (SGARs) commonly used in rodent control under many circumstances.

While the act is intended to address the vulnerability of wildlife to the lethality and environmental persistence of these SGARs used for rodent control, it also creates a challenge to pest management professionals (PMPs) who incorporate SGARs in their integrated pest management (IPM) programs. ContraPest can assist in revised IPM programs to provide maintain positive results for your customers.

ContraPest Can Help

SenesTech's ContraPest®, a complementary non-lethal approach to managing rodents through fertility control, has been proven in the field to be an effective and sustainable component of integrated pest management (IPM), and may be increasingly used to supplement the loss of SGAR.

ContraPest is a liquid contraceptive bait, readily consumed by male and female rats, immediately reducing the fertility in both, which results in a significant decrease in the number of rats on site.

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65% reduction

When added to overall IPM program.

ContraPest in Action

San Francisco recently performed a year long pilot program with ContraPest added to their overall IPM program and saw reductions in burrow counts by 65%.  The city was impressed by the success of integrating ContraPest into their existing program that in late September, ContraPest was added to the San Francisco Reduced Risk Pesticide list.

A contraceptive pest management tool enhances any program by preventing rat reproduction, while effectively controlling the colony. ContraPest is just that- part prevention and part control.

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Get compliant for the 2021 implementation of AB 1788

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Get compliant for the 2021 implementation of AB 1788

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