PROTECTA EVO EXPRESS® Feeder Trays (for 400mL)

Product sold in pairs.  6 Universal pairs to every case totaling 12 trays.
SenesTech | Tray Pair for 400ml ContraPest
SenesTech | Tray with 400ml ContraPest
SenesTech | Tray Pair for 400ml ContraPest
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Ordered as a pair, the **PROTECTA EVO EXPRESS® Feeder Trays are interchangeable, designed without a Left and Right component.

These are designed for deployment with the ContraPest 400mL or SenesTech Control 400mL products using the PROTECTA EVO EXPRESS® Bait Station.

**PROTECTA EVO EXPRESS® is a registered trademark of Bell Laboratories, Inc. and SenesTech is not related or affiliated with Bell Laboratories, Inc.

  • Product Details: Includes a Pair (no Left and Right component needed)
  • Tank Details: 400mL Tanks
  • Bait Station: **PROTECTA EVO EXPRESS Bait Station
Product sold in pairs.  6 Universal pairs to every case totaling 12 trays.
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Rats reproduce at an extremely rapid rate, which makes rat infestations challenging to control. ContraPest provides the missing link within your IPM program to minimize population spikes and keep rat populations down.

ContraPest, a liquid contraceptive bait, works by chemically reducing fertility in both male and female Norway and roof rats, as soon as 24 hours after availability. Control bait is ContraPest without the active ingredients. It can be utilized to identify foraging locations prior to deploying ContraPest. Feeder trays are the delivery system for ContraPest or Control bait, specifically designed to be used with the JT Eaton Rat Fortress (903TP) or with the PROTECTA EVO EXPRESS ** Bait Station.


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